After working with many women and Mums over the years I see the same mistakes repeated over and over again.

It’s blaming.

It’s passing the buck.

It’s soul destroying.

It’s emotionally exhausting.

And the effect it has on the next generation is devastating.

If you are:
• Continually on a diet
• Always looking for quick fixes
• Weighing yourself daily
• Avoiding looking at your body
• Talking negatively about yourself
• Always starving yourself to then binge on everything in sight
• Jumping from weight loss “guru” to weight loss “guru”
• Always tired, lethargic and moody
• Craving crappy food
• Exercising to exhaustion on a daily basis
• Or not exercising at all…

Remember, little ears are listening…little eyes are watching. Little people are making some BIG decisions about how to care for themselves now and into the future.

It’s actually no-ones fault…

It’s actually all in your control…

And it’s never too late to change…

You make time for the things that are important to you. You can do this!

It’s time to break the cycle.

Time to be the change.

Healthy Horizons next transformation challenge starts September 5th. I am passionate about teaching a balanced, sensible approach to health and fat loss. I have just 10 places reserved for dedicated people who want results. Contact me directly christine@healthyhorizons.com.au – if you are coachable and results ready, I want you.

Wake up – without aches and pains!

jill appleby

Jill celebrating her 69th birthday with her gorgeous granddaughters.

For 45 years Jill has struggled with knee pain. YES! 45 years! Osteoarthritis has set in and pain killers to get through the day or sleep at night are “normal”. Jill has seen multiple specialists and has been told ultimately she will need two knee replacements.

Jill has been involved in F.I.R.E. (focussed, intense, resistance, exercise) at Healthy Horizons for over a year now. Slowly and steadily improving. This year, approaching her 70th birthday she decided to complete her first 12 week MP transformation to really start to take charge of those sabotaging habits.

It’s no secret when people do an MP 12 week transformation, aches and pains decrease and can even cease! Imagine not having to focus on pain and instead focus on living it up!

Food CAN be your medicine!

We teach clients about the combination of the right nutrients at the right time and a focussed, resistance training program working together to build stronger, more efficient and thriving bodies.

What most people fail to realise is they have to give their bodies time to heal, correct and then well…things start to happen!

I asked Jill what are the biggest changes she has noticed?
 I can walk without pain.
 I can ride a bike with my granddaughters.
 I don’t need hardly any pain medication.
 I can walk up and down stairs with ease ( this use to be a big problem).

F.I.R.E. is always about working with a client from where they are at. The exercise selection is purposeful and considered. Jill could not do standard squats, deadlifts, lunges and even the leg press would cause pain. So the focus is always on what the client ‘can’ do…not on what they can’t!

In this last 12 weeks,  Jill has lost 9cm from her stomach, and 5kgs in body fat and is now is more determined than ever not to go back to her old habits.

To find out more about metabolic precision and our next challenge please email christine@healthyhorizons.com.au

I’ve got my sparkle back!


Sometimes, one thing can lead to another to another and before you know it you’ve dug yourself a hole that you are struggling to get out of.

Clare admits:

“I fell into a hole. I spent so much time and money at specialists and doctors trying to work out what was going on…”

“Why was I so down?”

“Why couldn’t I lose weight?”

With both the support of a coach and her team, Clare has made some ripper progress in her first 12 week challenge at Healthy Horizons. Our MP 12 week challenge is so much more than a nutrition program, we focus on lifestyle and making small improvements that can over time lead to massive change.  By focussing on the things she could control and not on the things she couldn’t Clare has made more progress in 12 weeks than what she has in years!

“Really all I had to work out was how I could feed my body well. Enter my first 12 week challenge!”

“I’m happier, I can keep going. I’ve got my sparkle back!”

“I didn’t want to fell crap anymore or blame circumstances.”

Clare has just completed one 12 week challenge and is now embarking on her first FIRE round. She is consistent and focussed. I can honestly say, seeing her train last night, she defiantly has her sparkle back!!

Unable to shift weight for a number of years Clare is excited that in only 12 weeks she has lost 6cm from her belly and 4kg of fat!

Imagine what that can mean this time next year?

And remember, transforming a body correctly takes time, because let’s face it, who wants to be skinny one year/month and fat the next? It’s time to learn how to do this right!

Want to know more about our next 12 week challenge – email christine@healthyhorizons.com.au

This Is Very Do-able!



Hannah is a single Mum with 4 girls.

Life is ridiculously busy.

“I was diagnosed with a condition called adenomyosis shortly after having my fourth baby. The doctors also suspected endometriosis which is a very similar condition, both affecting the reproductive organs. Some of the symptoms can be quite debilitating and include intense pain and anaemia, lethargy and IBS. Treatments are all very invasive or hormone based and only give short term relief. All treatments have side effects and there is no cure.”

“Weight management with this condition and post pregnancy has been an uphill battle, despite all my efforts. Everything I’ve done has failed (and I’ve worked bloody hard). MP was my last hope.”

“Since starting MP all of the symptoms of adenomyosis have eased and almost disappeared. The results have been incredible. MP also took me on a huge journey which has unpacked my emotional relationship with food. I no longer have food cravings. To put the icing on the cake (or flax meal on the parfait) I have lost weight, body fat and I’m stronger than ever. My hair and skin are at their healthiest and my excema is now under control without constant steroid use. All these results while eating more than I have ever eaten in my life!”

“My children have embraced MP too, and all participate in food preparation more and make better food choices. For those busy mum’s who are finding excuses why they can’t… If I can, you can! It’s easy when you have the guidance to do it.”

As a transformation specialist, sometimes there are people you just have to help…I knew Hannah was running on empty, I could see it in the way she was moving and I could hear it with the words she wasn’t saying. And I knew MP would change that.

In just 12 weeks ALL of Hannah’s symptoms have basically gone. Unbelievable isn’t it? I wouldn’t believe it myself if she wasn’t sitting opposite telling me. And yes she’s  fitting into clothes she hasn’t worn for ages, she’s dropped body fat and weight and she’s feeling stronger.

At HH we coach clients to realise a great body is only a great body if it functions at its best and feels freakin’ amazing. Transformation just happens when the environment is right!

And Hannah wants other Mums to know…

This is very doable. We have to stop saying I’m too tired, too busy, doing this for yourself is all about being a great Mum.

Want to know more about Metabolic Precision? – sign up for our free fat loss e-course, go to –  http://www.healthyhorizons.com.au where lifelong transformations happen!

So much to see, so much to do, so much to achieve!


Liz on one of her adventures – Northern Turkey

I seriously have the best job because I get to train people who motivate me, make me want to achieve more and just do better.  Whilst some people focus on age, others ignore it and continue to life to the fullest. Determined and focussed, Liz, now 63 years old , is more active than most half her age and does not look like slowing down either…Read about Liz’s adventures and how Healthy Horizons has helped her along the way. PS Just a tad envious!

From Liz…

In 1996, I went out to lunch with some friends who were planning a trip to Kazakstan. When I told my work colleagues and family I intended to go walking in Russia the next year, there was a fair bit of healthy cynism because, although I belonged to a gym and did a bit of fun-running, I was hardly re-known for my physical prowess!

So began the most incredible series of adventures which have taken me also to Kamchatka, the Kimberley, Sikkim, South Africa, Turkey and Canada; from coastlines to mountains up to 5,000 metres; through an amazing range of scenery and cultures; through hilarious, moving and scary moments; and through an extraordinary (and sometimes revolting) range of toilets! Sometimes we have done it the hard way carrying all our own gear and others times we have had wonderful porters. We have always have a HUGE amount of fun.

Of course, these trips are about way more than the time away. As well as lots of jaw exercising at organization meetings, we have always taken our physical preparation very seriously and worked on our fitness before we go. It is pretty hard in our normal lives to duplicate 6-8 hours walking for 6-10 days so the emphasis has tended to be on aerobic fitness and strength training, with lots of walking on beautiful Mount Wellington.

Soon I head off to Portugal and Spain where I’ll be walking for about ten days from Porto to Sandiago de Compestela. After struggling to get in and out of our tents last year in Canada (much to the amusement of our much younger guides) we are slumming it this year, staying in hotels and having our main luggage transferred from town to town, but we will still need a good level of fitness.

Living out of town it has been a bit more difficult to train with my walking buddies, so Healthy Horizons to the rescue! I had been doing quite a variety of the offerings at HH, but felt I needed to do something more intensive in preparation for my trip. I also had a couple of long-standing sore bits (a hip and shoulder) nothing serious but restricting.

liz for blog

So I signed up for FIRE (focused, intense, resistance, exercise) having seen some pretty amazing results in women of my vintage. I am pretty chuffed at some of the weights I’ve achieved but more importantly, my test walk (Dodges Hill) has become a whole lot easier and there is no doubt I have more push in my legs. And, thanks also to Stacey’s amazing REVIVE classes, my hip and shoulder are way better. I plan to keep on working on my squats because they are really handy when travelling (refer note above re toilets!).

liz 2

Our FIRE program is once again booked out for 2015. Expressions of interest are being taken now for Feb program 2016.

Take 5 – Barb on Breast Cancer and Boobs!


Barb is on of those women who everyone adores. Intelligent, caring and shit loads of fun she is the sort of person you want to be around! So last year we were all in shock when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I can remember training Barb in the gym close to her operation, she was chest pressing with tears streaming down her eyes…she didn’t want to talk about it, she wanted to train and cry…cry and train…sort it out in her head so she could best work out how she was going to get through this.  I remember thinking that day…this is one strong woman… I know everyone in her FIRE group was in awe of her resilience. I truly don’t know if I could of got myself up to train with all that “noise” in my head.

Barb agreed to talk about her journey back to wellness in the hope of helping others who have set backs, whether it’s cancer, an injury or illness…she wants you to know “there is a light at the end of the tunnel”. On you Barb, you’re pretty spesh!

Tell us about your diagnosis and treatment?
So last year after I turned 40 I thought I would go and do the official old person thing and have a screening mammogram. I guess it’s always been on my radar to some degree as my mother had breast cancer at a young age. Also, my old school friend had just gone and done the same thing only to find there was cancer in the mix. Despite this I really was going to tick the box and be told that it was essentially a waste of time… I really didn’t expect to find anything – that stuff happens to other people!!

In a nutshell we found the cancer super early and there was no spread outside the tissue into the lymph nodes. So within a short space of time I was off to theatre to have a ‘lumpectomy’, and then planned radiotherapy. But as I discovered cancer is not “a clean cut” (pardon the pun!) and over the next 2 months, with more investigations and minor surgery we discovered that there were multiple pockets of cancer throughout. My only sensible option was to have a mastectomy, or risk around a 20% likelihood of recurrence within the next 10 years. The up side is that in taking this option I did not require radiotherapy. So the first bit was relatively easy – minimal interruption to the way I ran my life and ultimately I just had a few flesh wounds that needed recovery. I found the concept of removing “all of it” took a little head space to process, and so the journey from here was as much a head battle as it was a physical one.

What was the hardest change to deal with?
I channelled a lot of my anxiety (don’t think I’ve ever had that before) into being physical whilst I was having the relatively minor procedures building up to the mastectomy – it seriously kept me sane. My brain wasn’t working, but my body still was. So I would say the rest, rest, and more rest for 10 weeks post op was extremely challenging. I remember the day before surgery HH had the 1RM push up challenge and I clearly recall thinking this could be the last push up I could be doing for a while … I managed 15KG I think! I’m really not sure if I will ever be able to do that again – just doing one on my toes would be amazing right now!

How did your exercise regime change after your operation?
My body has changed and, although I am extremely happy with how the reconstruction looks, its function has been changed. My pec muscle was used to recreate the ‘falsie’, so it now sits on top of the implant, so when I use my pec muscle it lifts my boob up with it – great party trick! It actually feels really uncomfortable and weird, and 8 months on I am still ‘rehabbing’ it back to somewhat normal function. I still can’t do much, or as much, upper body exercise. It’s quite remarkable how many body movements involve the pectoralis! Initially 2.5 months post-surgery when my Dr said you can now do “anything” I was bursting out of my skin…even though at that point I hadn’t even been lifting my arm above my shoulder!! No one was going to stop me now…but a few weeks into moving I realised I had taken his words too literally, and had to pull back and listen to my body. Things just weren’t feeling “right”. It’s a funny thing how you can hear what you want to hear isn’t it? But there were, and still are, some things I couldn’t /shouldn’t do for the sake of long term function. I still get pain when I have over used my pec, and it’s tricky finding the line between good pain and bad….still getting biofeedback weekly on that.

What setbacks did you encounter?
There were a number of times when I had to pull back in the early stages – from really basic activities like hanging out washing even – who would have thought I would miss that? I am slowly accepting I have a lifelong limitation in what this area of my body will be able to do, and again that’s as much about the head as it is about the body. What is equally as challenging is how the rest of my body has responded to the inactivity. Research has shown inactivity for 10-13 weeks results in 100% loss of gains – that’s me! Back to the beginning, building cardio and muscle mass, and being a little older than I was when I started training the gains are seemingly a little slower! I also had a little trouble separating upper and lower body exercise (in my head really), and for a little while I didn’t do either! It’s a mind game – I keep reminding myself that consistent effort over time got me to my comfortable place before, and it WILL get me there again… but some days it shits me that I have to fight to get back what I didn’t have control of losing. I would just love to do a push up and lose my muffin top!!!!

What advice would you give others faced with similar challenges?
Simply, prepare for a journey in body and mind, and don’t resist what it brings… the good the bad, the scary, and the amazing! Be kind to yourself and remove any expectations and judgements, and know that the process is far longer than the medical part. But be as physical as you can within your limitations. Hindsight is a powerful thing hey!

I feel lucky most of the time – lucky I went for the mammogram; lucky we found the other bits (or I would have been one of those secondary cancer statistics); lucky I got an immediate reconstruction; lucky I have an amazing family and amazing friends and lucky I got the opportunity to simply sit and watch the birds. The other small amounts of time I feel annoyed and frustrated. The journey back has been a lot bigger and longer than I had prepared myself for. I have tried along the way to use analogies – like pregnancy and giving of the body to that process, and then thinking about the plethora of other injuries and accidents and the multitude of people who suffer them, which helps me feel less alone and more part of the masses of people in the “fight to get it back club”. But ultimately I think what’s different about the cancer journey is has the potential to take us…and that’s both scary and powerful… it’s like having children and seeing the world forever changed, cancer does that too. It’s difficult to put into words how the world looks different, but it just does and so I have slowly discovered, paradoxically, if you survive it, cancer ultimately has been a gift.

Can F.I.R.E. Heal?


Nikki completing weighted dips…

Nikki has almost completed her first FIRE challenge at Healthy Horizons. FIRE is our focussed, intense, resistance, exercise 12 week program. I must admit when she enrolled I was thrilled. As a coach you recognise people who are coachable and who will work hard to get results. Nik had a number of injuries, interfering with almost everything she wanted to do in life. Her pre-screen form was detailed with issues that were both frustrating and deliberating. As an acupuncturist Nikki has helped so many with injuries and illnesses, it was time to give a little back to herself!

I’ve had to get Nik to put on the brakes and wait for the time to be right to really go for it…she’s got a bit annoyed with me and I had to ask her to trust me and give it some time. I actually told her I wasn’t interested in a 12 week transformation but  I was interested in the next 12 months and beyond.

In just 9 weeks of FIRE most of Nik’s injuries and pain have disappeared and the energy and confidence she brings to sessions has quadrupled. An inspiration for her partner and her team, she has achieved so much in such a short time! She’s awesome to coach and acts upon everything asked of her. I asked Nik a few questions about her journey so far…

Nik’s say…

Ever since FIRE started I have been intrigued about what it might do for me, especially as I often trained at the same time as the Tuesday session and got to see everyone pushing themselves to their absolute limits. Expense was a limiting factor for me but every round of FIRE that passed was a step closer to the realisation that I HAD to give it a try. I also spoke to some of the people who had done FIRE previously and became more and more interested. I kept hearing how their injuries had improved with their training.

Over time I was noticing that I was sustaining more injuries myself and suffering from chronic pain as well as actually regressing in my weight training. Being in this position was very frustrating and I felt like I was becoming stuck in a rut. Sometimes I actually dreaded going to the gym because I knew I would be in pain. I also noticed I was losing form and limiting range in order to avoid pain.

Since starting FIRE I noticed almost instantly an improvement in my technique, especially in squats. Having small changes pointed out to me was vastly helpful in allowing me to correct my old habits and also do the exercises with more weight than before…without pain! I could gain better depth and learnt to recognise which muscles I should be switching on by adjusting posture and focusing my mind.

My old injuries are not restricting me from progressing in my training and I’m coming to the realisation that I CAN keep increasing load without pain. I LOVE this challenge now and I actually mentally prepare myself for what I will be doing in FIRE the following day so I can maximise my results (that sounds a bit crazy doesn’t it?) I’m learning to say “yes I can” (a favourite of Coach Christine) instead of “no I can’t” and this translates to all areas of life. I actually do feel more positive in other aspects of my life including my work as an acupuncturist. I feel so much stronger physically and I can see a definite change in the way I look.


Since learning how to work her back and not taking the load in wrists and shoulders her back strength and development has improved and overuse injuries have disappeared.

I’ve decided to go another round of FIRE because I can see how much I have improved. I feel AWESOME and I want to see how far I can go with this. It’s also been a good motivator for me to improve on my nutrition and make wiser choices about what I eat in order to get the best out of my training.

FIRE is the body shaper, for more information please contact christine@healthyhorizons.com.au

Spicy Scrambled Eggs

Spicing things up for any time of the day! I’ve even prepared this the night before and had it for an early get away. If you have friends coming for breakfast or brunch I reckon this is a bit fancy (funny…I’m not that fancy) and you can look like a master chef!! Go forth and get a little spicy you hot things!!

Spicy Scrambled Eggs


Get it…
200g medley grape tomatoes (or regular)
1 ½ tbsp. grapeseed oil
1 tbsp. wholegrain mustard
1 tbsp. garlic
2 tbsp. lemon juice (fresh)
½ cup fresh coriander, chopped
1 tsp cumin seeds
2 tsps. hot madras curry powder
1 small brown onion, thinly sliced
1 tsp red chilli
1 tsp garam masala
1 tsp ground turmeric
5 eggs, lightly whisked
1 cup egg whites, lightly whisked with eggs
Avocado or Greek yoghurt to serve

Do it…
1 – Halve tomatoes and place in a bowl. Heat ½ oil in a frying pan and stir in mustard and garlic. Cook for approx. 1 minute. Add lemon and pour over tomatoes.
2 – Heat remaining oil. Stir in cumin, curry and onion. Cook for around 3-4 minutes or until soft. Add chilli, garam masala, and turmeric. Stir for another minute.
3- Add eggs and egg whites and allow to cook for about 30 seconds before gently pushing egg mixture with a spatula from one side of the fry pan to the other. Don’t over stir or cook.
4-Add in tomatoes and stir through.
4-Top with avocado or a little yoghurt or both.

Eat it…

for blog

Come and join us and learn more about how to feed your body lean. Our next transformation challenge starts September. Email christine@healthyhorizons.com.au for more information.


Bikinis, Body Fat and Balance!

DSCN5111 (800x600)

You’ve booked the holiday! You can’t wait! You’ve been so stressed out lately you’ve forgotten who you are. Exercise has become non-existent (there’s just no time) and your eating has been all over the place…But the holiday will get things back in balance again, right? Oh shite about that holiday – think sun, surf and bathers…yep you will need to get off those layers, you know the ones you’re hiding behind?

Where are your bathers – aaaaarghh, do they even fit?…now you’re stressing about the holiday and wonder how much weight you can lose in 8.25 days!

Sound familiar?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not into all of us looking like a size 8 with 10% Body fat…but I am into being healthy, happy and having a sustainable plan. One that becomes part of a new normal, it allows for optimum look, feel and function. I love curves and booty! I want people to look in the mirror and say “I love the way I look!” I love it when people are confident with what they wear and own it!

But I reckon it’s really easy to stay in shape… and no I’m not genetically blessed. I’m 5 foot nothing, have obesity and overweight people in my family over many generations. Anyone remember my Nanna Eunice Beatrice?  Bless her soul!! I’ve too struggled with weight gain after pregnancy BUT as an almost 45 year old Mum, I’ve finally got it…it’s bloody easy and requires much less effort than I ever thought.

So I’m about to hit holiday mode. Hitting the beach and wearing bathers every day! It is hard to imagine when a puffy jacket is the main clothing item at the moment. I haven’t changed a thing leading up to this holiday. I haven’t upped my exercise, cut calories or decided to go on some farkin’ shake shit diet cleanse to lose half my body weight in a week. I’m just doing the same.

Why is it easy?

1. Well I get to eat lots of great, yummy food and I don’t feel deprived, I feel liberated.
2. The exercise I do allows takes about 4 hours of my week – that leaves 164 to do all the other stuff!

So bathers are packed…now all that is required is a bit of de-hairing so they don’t mistake me for a gorilla and a little fake tan so I can blend in with the locals and not look like the girl from Tassie! I would post a pic of myself in my bikini but I must de-hair first otherwise you may never read another of my blogs!!

So the question is “Do you want to just stay in shape ALWAYS?”

Do you want to make this time the last time you “get in shape”?

I’m determined to help you get there…Online or face to face…you choose!




Molokai 2015 No.2

With around 40 days until race day I thought it was timely to interview Stubbsy and find out for you all how the training for the Molokai World Championship is going. By sharing this journey with you we truly hope it inspires you to go for something you have always wanted to do…all you need is a plan to get there and a driving goal to keep you focused.

1 – Tell us about Molokai and why you really want to do it?
Why do it? The attraction of ocean paddling comes from the feeling of surfing ocean swell and wind chop, getting to speeds of 25km/h, whilst managing energy levels and navigating the quickest course to the finish.

Ocean paddling has really taken off over the last few years with major events being held in Sydney, Perth, Hong Kong, Mauritius, San Francisco, Canada, Portugal, New Zealand and South Africa, but Molokai was the original ocean race and on the bucket list of most paddlers. “Maui Jim Molokai Challenge” is a 52 km ocean paddle race from Molokai to Oahu across the Kaiwi Channel in Hawaii. 2015 will be the 40th year the event has been held and because of the large international field this race attracts it is considered the World Championship of Open Ocean Surf Ski and Solo Canoe Racing.

I first became aware of Molokai when I read about it in a magazine in 1987 and have wanted to do it since then, particularly as many great paddlers including Grant Kenny, Guy Leach, Clint Robinson and Dean Gardner have won it. Dean still holds the record of 3:21:26 set in 1997.

If conditions are good I’m hoping finish around 3:45-3:50, but if it’s a calm day I could be on the water for over four and half hours.

PS you think he’ll have it tough?…Think of us in the support boat especially if it’s rough!!

2-What other marathons have you completed in the past?
I’ve been competing in surf ski ocean paddle events, mostly in Tassie since 1988, but the longest race I’ve competed in was the 4 day-270km Pye Marathon from Forster to Bondi in 1990, so 52 km shouldn’t be too bad!

The most recent event round this distance I’ve done was a 44km paddle around South Arm a couple of years ago. This was done in fairly flat conditions and took me 3:46, so I thing I can still push for a top 15-20 placing overall. But a lot needs to go right on the day for a good finish!

Wow, that’s pretty cool…I’ll try to stay focussed and not go into holiday mode too early!


3- Tell us about your training program now?
I’ve got a pretty good fitness base from the years I’ve paddled. Over the last 28 years I’ve made plenty of mistakes with less than optimal training. This includes either too much training at a high heart rate or too much long slow stuff.

I started focussing for just this event in March and I’m paddling 5 times a week, ranging from 60 to 85km per week. This is based on training harder each week followed by an easy recovery week every fourth week before building the intensity and distance again.
Every 4th day is a 20 to 30 km paddle focusing on maintaining a decent speed at a lower heart rate, and the other days are 8 to 12km interval training, focusing on speed. Over the next three weeks I’ve got a 32km, a 35km and a 40 km paddle planned.

I would always prefer to start an event slightly underdone than overdone.

I’ve stopped weight training (FIRE- focussed, intense, resistance, exercise) for the last couple of months as I found it difficult to recover and fit it all in. I’m looking forward to getting back in the gym in June.

On my rest days I still am pretty active with my kids. They want to go surfing, jump on the trampoline and bike riding so I have to keep something in the tank.

I’ve definitely noticed more intensity…don’t forget about the housework though!! Happy wife = happy life!!

4-What about your nutrition what are you focusing on?
This is where my biggest improvements over the last few years have come from. I use to think that I was over training because I was always getting sick and my results didn’t always reflect the amount of training I was doing. But with what I now know about nutrition, I was most likely malnourished through a diet high in processed, refined, packaged food and very low in wholefoods.

Using Metabolic Precision principals I’ve been able to match the amount and quality of food to my training load. These days I’ll have a large omelette (plenty of protein and vegies) for breakfast and throughout the day consume another 5-6 meals. These will usually include lean meat and lots of vegetables or salads. I also need to eat plenty of high energy carbs for recovery and snacks. I don’t exclude anything, but I don’t eat junk food either. I also have used the MP research to help with supplementation to enhance recovery and performance. I’m pretty lucky Christine is on the same page when it comes to food.

Ah yes, you are …what a lucky man you are to have such an amazing wife! PS you get brownie points for that last comment!


5- What about rest and recover? How do you plan for this and what do you do?
A big part of my recovery is starts with the pre and post workout drink. This is a protein/carbohydrate/creatine mix to ensure my body has the best chance to recover before the next session. For my long paddles, I’ll consume 3-4 litres of the same mix, but in a more diluted form.

As far as training goes, I keep a close eye on my heart rate, particularly anything over 90 minutes. If I allow my HR to get above 140, I find I cannot recover for the next session. But for sub 50 minute sessions, I can push it to 165 beats a minute.

Other really important things that help my recovery is getting good quality sleep. It helps getting to bed at the same time every night. I program in rest days or less strenuous training sessions when I am on night shift as it can knock me around a bit.

The other big one is minimising stress.

And seriously, who could be stressed living with me? I am an angel!!!

Cheers Big Ears – beat the bloat, bulge and ballooning!


I personally think the Christmas jumpers are wonderful!

The invites are flowing, the shelves at the supermarket are enticing, the workplace is filled with cakes and chocolates, the extra cooking at home, the social engagements and busy days can see you put on fat quicker that Santa’s Reindeers move the sleigh…sheesh!

Take some advice from Santa’s little helper (I think I’d make a great Elf) who wants you to stay on track this year. Here are my top 10 tips to beat the Christmas bloat, bulge and ballooning. Don’t be the person who has already decided “I’ll start a diet on the 1st January.”

1. Don’t catch up with friends at a café or bar instead meet for a walk and talk, bike ride or picnic at the beach with the kids. Fresh air, a bit of sunshine and meeting up with your best buddy in this manner makes for a great way to laugh away the stresses and move at the same time.

2. Never be so busy you can’t look after your health. Get it through your head – we are all busy; we all have shit going on – prioritising your time to do a workout or a cook up is up to you. I reckon some people talk about being so busy that by the time they shut up they could have actually completed a decent workout. Less talk about how hard it is and take more action to make it happen.

3. Unless you have a metabolism like my husband, don’t buy calorie laden foods for others and ask they do the same for you. Now I love a bit of chocolate but if you know you can not control yourself; if you have not yet entrenched some new habits around over eating you need to say “no, please don’t sabotage my health”. And if you still get junk given to you and can’t control yourself – pass it on to someone who can!

4. Up you water intake! I guarantee with days out shopping, a few extra wines and late nights your body is in a state of dehydration. Nothing works well when we are dehydrated- our brains are sluggish, energy levels are low and our immune system is fighting to keep us well. If you need pick me ups like chocolate, a red bull or coke to get through the afternoon I guarantee you just need some good old H20 throughout your day!

5. Stay with fresh and yummy when you have people over for a catch up. Here in Tassie we are so blessed with an abundance of fresh oysters, salmon, berries, cherries and other fruit at this time of the year. If you put a bowl of chips out for nibbles I will eat them, especially if you sit them right in front of me. That way I only have to lift my arm and “voila” watch them disappear. If you find yourself in that spot at a party MOVE or move whatever you know you can’t stop at “just one” of.  PS If you put a plate of fruit out I will eat that too and not complain!

6. Stop buying crap you don’t need (and I don’t just mean food here). Putting strain on the budget at this time of the year is stressful. Stress is a prime mover in adding the kilos. Heard of cortisol? Whilst we need cortisol to regulate all sorts of important bodily functions, too much in your system and your body finds it hard to restore the norm and will start to store fat. Take home message is – don’t spend money you just don’t have. And speaking of stress look out for those stressful “relos” and friends who make you feel like the crappers. I reckon it’s time to be with the builders not breakers!

7. Don’t hover near the nibbles table. I use to do this so I know how it goes. One little something, turns into another something, into another and so on. You kind of fool yourself into thinking you really haven’t had too much – I can guarantee those extra calories will add up. In our Metabolic Precision course we discuss the concept of “one bite won’t hurt” and it can be mind-blowing how much one bite really can hurt!

8. Having a few too many drinks a bit too often? Alcohol is so easy to consume, especially if the weather is warm and friends have expectations and the champagne has been popped (by the way approx. 91 cals in a glass of champagne). Only one person controls your alcohol intake…just saying!! Ever fill up the wine glass with water? Seriously after people have a few they don’t even realise!! Just remember often it’s not about what you drink but the food choices you make when you are “under the influence.”

9. Stick with the exercise program – give up now and you will feel sluggish and start to give yourself some great reasons as to why you ‘deserve’ a break. How long will it take you to get going again? If your kids are on holidays get out and be active with them! Keep moving your butt!

10. Sleep (or lack of) is a big game changer in the fat loss war. If you just aren’t getting enough you will be sabotaging your fat loss plans. Late night after late night sets you up for one lazy tooshie who can’t be bothered training in the morning, preparing food or even being active around the house (if you get my drift)!!


A suggestion for next years family photo?

Cheers Big Ears for an Awesomely Happy and Healthy Christmas!

A tale of two children…

A tale of two children…

blog 7

Flexing some “transformer” muscles!

One thing I’ve realised as a parent is you can lead a kid to healthy food, but you can’t make them eat it!”

I have two kids – two kids that have very different nutritional radars! My son Riley is 12 years and he loves some junk in his trunk! Its only probably been the last 12-18 months that he is seeing and understanding a correlation between good food and good health. His immune system struggled as a youngster and one day he asked “Why do I get sick all the time?” It was a teaching moment!

My daughter Maya is 10 years and is exactly the opposite. She is hardly ever sick and if she is bounces back within a day. Maya would also choose salad over chips, fruit over lollies – even if we are out she asks if a salad is going to be served with her meal. It is like she has been born knowing what food makes her feel good. Don’t get me wrong, she still enjoys chocolate, a couple of chips off a plate etc  – but it isn’t what floats her boat.

I can remember at a school fair a couple of years ago giving them both $10. Riley bought chips, fairy floss, a fizzy drink and icecream with his money (please understand I was working the sausage sizzle so it was out of my control). Maya used hers for lucky dips, games and rides. Incidently, Riley literally turned green that night and lets just say he saw his $10 again! It was another teaching moment!

My hubby and I have often thought “what did we do differently?” I mean two kids born to the same parents in the same house, same school… Did we limit too much with the first child? Were Aunties secretly feeding our son chocolate frogs when we weren’t looking? Did I breast feed for too long or too short a time? Did I eat too much crap when I was pregnant? Are kids just born that way? Maybe it just doesn’t matter…

What actually does matter is what choices they make now and into adulthood. Who doesn’t want happy, healthy kids? So here are a few tips to encourage your kids to eat a balanced diet the Metabolic Precision way!

1. Lead by example – if you are choosing fresh most of the time your kids will be watching.  They may not follow for some time BUT they are taking it all in! I guess the same rule applies – if you are choosing pizza and coke…

blog 3

Recently I was sitting outside with a tuna salad when my daughter appeared next to me with the same. Prepared all by herself.

2. Be the grown up  – and don’t let food become an emotional gap to make YOU feel good! I can remember back in my teaching days an overweight student having a packet of mint slice biscuits for lunch (yes a WHOLE packet). I asked his Mum later that day why he didn’t have anything else…her reply “it’s what he likes and I didn’t want him to get upset!”blog 5

Parents should have fun with their kids but BECAUSE WE ARE ADULTS need to make sensible decisions around health, after all its their lives we are messing with.

3. Get the kids to do as much as the cooking as possible. Yeah at the moment mostly my kids bake biscuits and cakes, but they are starting to prepare simple dishes as well. Soup, tacos, salads and smoothies are all part of their repertoires. They make a crap load of mess but you’ve just got to breathe and let it go!

maya - blog 1

My daughter wanted to make the pumpkin soup all by herself. This was her strategy for no onion tears! What a crack up!

4. Allow kids to serve up their meals – summer is awesome for this. Big salads for everyone to share. I love it when there is a bit of everything on the table and the kids demonstrate a balanced approach. Yes, my son would still often only choose meat and bread at a BBQ but with some encouragement will delve into the salad bowl. I find adding fruit to the salad is a real winner.

blog 4

Sharing big bowls of salad is a great way to get kids to make healthy choices.

5. School lunches – get as much fresh as possible in to that lunch box and let the kids choose what goes in. I can remember one day many years back my daughter asking for salad and thinking “Can’t you just have a vegemite sandwich like other kids!”  This lazy, unprepared parent needed a kick up the jacksy – now salads are always prepared the night before.

mayas lunch (2)

On the whole pretty good choices for a 10 year old. Ham salad, mango, cucumber, apricot, chocolate up and go and one of her home made cookies! Not perfect but we’re not aiming for that.

6. Grow your own vegies and fruit – my kids think their strawberries are the best! How good is it when they pick and eat, it doesn’t get any better! We started growing the things we like the best!


7. Eat together and make it enjoyable – sometimes work and commitments makes this tricky.  See it as another opportunity to be a role model without hounding, blackmailing or stressing out. We’ve had plenty of meals untouched and unappreciated too in the past.

blog family 2

8. Talk about the benefits of foods – even if you do this with your partner the kids start following. Breakfast is a great example – what are you having, why are you having that? Why is it important to include protein, carbohydrates and good fats? I hear my kids talk about food all the time and it astounds me what they know

.blog 6

This is my resident Firefighter come MP trainer whipping up the regular morning omelette! (hey hands off ladies!)

My husband and I talked recently about the great choices our kids are making and we realised we weren’t whinging, pushing or dictating anything. Just doing…you’ll be surprised what your continued actions over time produce. Yes continued actions create change.

I guess the final words should be left to my son, who probably has copped a bit in this blog. When I asked him last night why we need to eat nutritious food he said :

“With good food your body works to its best.” Riley Stubbs 2014

Yep, its as simple as that! Nice one!

Our Metabolic Precision program is tailored for the whole family – how wonderful it feels to be giving my kids the best possible start in life! Our next program starts in February – I love seeing parents learning and passing on this knowledge to the next generation.


Why Oh Why?

When we talk about transformation we  talk about our why…why we really want to make a change to improve our lives? It’s the thing that drives us to get to where we want to be. What’s driving you to your goal? Recently I’ve been following closely the “whys” put up on FB and through people’s blogs.

I must admit I started to doubt myself…was my “why” enough? Was I authentic? Should it change? Evolve?

I looked at my fellow MP trainers and many of them were putting themselves up on stage with muscles on their brussels and winning awards.10478117_10154806824560506_3571410147018017584_n[1]

Josh Dickenson-Body Builder

I looked at another who basically rips out his heart, puts it in his pocket and completes the most gut wrenching races!

Spartan Race QLD September 2014

Dave Oulton-Obstacle Race Extraordinaire

Some that lift the weight of the world!


Glenda Presutti-Powerlifter

And some who can look like this and run ultra-marathons!


Michelle Adams-Body Builder turned Ultra-Marathon Runner

I saw others who were setting dates to do daring photo shoots and my own husband who had set himself the challenge of completing a 52km paddle in Molokai next year.

blog 3

Jamie Stubbs-Marathon Paddler

I continued to doubt myself…did I need to conquer my own Mt Everest? And if so, what would it be?

It wasn’t until I looked at a photo I took on the weekend that I had my moment of confirmation. And for those of you who have lived in a broken body that stops you doing anything well – you will get my why…

It wasn’t that many years ago through over-training, inadequate nutritional knowledge and stress I was too tired and exhausted to read my kids a night time story and too injured to enjoy some of the simple things in life …

My body was worn out, I was worn out…twice weekly trips to the chiropractor were the done thing. There was so many things I just stopped doing. The protruding C5, degenerative lower back, locked jaw twice (tell me that doesn’t freak you out), throw in about 5 months of bronchitis and your talking about a body that was shouting out “please help!”


My Why…my beautiful kids!

So when I saw this photo I realised how far I’ve come in improving  my health and well being. Because of this EVERYTHING is better. I had to smile, “my why” is enough for me right now! Being happy, healthy, thoughtful, playful and patient was elusive when the body was broken.

Will my why change, of course – that’s called living!

A Young Woman Taking Charge!

 caitlin 2

When you see a gorgeous young woman who has everything going for her struggle to cope with everyday events it is heart-breaking. I first started working with Caitlin at HH a couple of years ago at age 20. At that time she was very shy, lacked strength and hypermobility impeded safe movement. She was also extremely tired most of the time. She was, some months later, diagnosed with depression and started taking anti-depressants to help her with her daily struggle.

This is a powerful story of how, with the correct nutrition and exercise program a young woman’s future can change its course. This is one of HHs proudest transformations – not so much in body (although this young woman is building some serious muscle) but in building strength in mind and spirit!


Caitlin’s Story

I was born in Hobart Tasmania, I have lived here in Tassie my whole life. I moved to Dodges Ferry in 2008.   At school I played a bit of hockey and netball but nothing at all in college so I had become quite inactive. The first Fitness Centre I have ever been a part of is Healthy Horizon’s – joining a “gym” was all very new to me!

My snap point came when I was reviewing the amount of sick leave I had taken at work. I am a young woman, I am not over weight and was going to the gym. I was thinking “why am I always getting sick or feeling so tired and run down?” The feeling of exhaustion was having a really big impact on my mental health also. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety at 21 years and started on anti-depressants. I know I was suffering for some time before this but I found it hard to tell anyone. I couldn’t stay motivated and I had no consistency with exercise or eating habits. I would binge eat and then starve myself to make up for it and “always” feel guilty for what I did eat. I felt I had no control over my body shape. I struggled with body image issues and had very low confidence.

I used to compare myself a lot to others. I would walk down the street and think everyone was smaller than me – I thought I was huge and needed to lose weight. I now know I was picturing myself bigger than I was.

I was having PT sessions with Christine and she had seen my struggles. I looked tired all the time and just wasn’t reaching my potential. When she introduced Metabolic Precision into Healthy Horizon’s she encouraged me to give it a go. I was keen to “block out the noise” and learn how to eat correctly. When I did work out it helped my stress levels and reduced my anxiety so I thought I had nothing to lose!

I really haven’t looked back since I started MP. I have more energy than ever. I can handle stress better and was slowly able to reduce my anti-depressants and now I am no longer on medication. I have also been able to take control of my body – I eat more to look and feel better! I have muscle and strength! I work towards changing my body shape and being fit and healthy not “skinny”.

The biggest challenge for me was letting go of old habits and trusting my MP trainer. At first I really struggled with accepting the amount of food I should be eating. I thought that having the 6 meals a day would make me fat. It took me a while to understand that it’s about what you eat and that you don’t have to be starving to get the results you want. Christine always made sure that I was eating enough and constantly reinforce that it was okay to eat as long as you are eating the right foods.

For any one starting this journey listen to your trainer, they are going to support you, encourage you, hold you accountable and give you the knowledge you need to have a successful transformation. For anyone out there who has suffered or is suffering from depression please address your nutrition and exercise program – it really does change your mindset and can totally change the path you are on.

My MP trainer has helped me in many ways. It is great having someone there holding you accountable and checking on how things are going. Yes they are great with checking forms and all that stuff but for me it was the support that really helped. It was so easy to be honest about how you were going and have someone there that didn’t just care about you physical changes but also the bigger changes in your life. It has meant a lot knowing that someone is looking out for me and making sure I’m going through the transformation in the healthiest way possible.

I really enjoyed the structure of MP and the support. I enjoyed being focused on lifting heavy weights and being athletic. The other members of MP at HH have formed a team and we help each other out. It might be with a recipe idea or encouragement to stay positive. I think it has helped me come out of my shell and I have ‘let’ people get to know me more. I have found a confidence I didn’t have and have made some good friends along the way.

I think being a young woman, the pressure to diet and look ‘skinny’ can be crippling. Every magazine pushes fad diets and it’s so easy to fall into the trap of losing weight but actually damaging your health in the process. I think this was my biggest failing, I would restrict what I ate enough to lose weight but it wasn’t healthy. I had no energy and was constantly getting sick. The weight wouldn’t stay off and the strict restrictions I had placed onto myself would normally be followed by binge eating. I would feel guilty for eating the wrong food and anxious if I didn’t think I could make it to the gym.

MP has taught me that it isn’t about starving yourself. It about eating to fuel your body. It was taught me about what to eat and when to eat. These days I have more energy and better health. One of my favourite MP lessons was its okay to make a mistake and you don’t have to be 100% percent all the time. If you slip up and eat the wrong thing or miss a session you are told that you shouldn’t feel guilty or try and starve yourself or over train to make up for it. Not feeling guilty and knowing that it’s okay to just start fresh the next day has really helped me stay on track.

caitlin 3

Caitlin working out with her F.I.R.E partner Laura

Before MP lifting weights scared me! I was a true believer that lifting weights would turn me into looking like a man. Now they are my favourite thing. I love setting goals and smashing personal bests. I know the best thing I can do is build lean muscle! I know that getting strong on the outside has helped me get strong on the inside.

Couldn’t have said it better myself – so proud of you Caitlin!

When an Exercise Physiologist meets F.I.R.E!

shaned (2)

Shaned Gaffney is our local Exercise Physiologist and a woman I admire. She has helped so many people rehabilitate injuries, increase quality of life and improve health and well being. We talk about everybody needing a coach regardless of knowledge and experience, it just brings out our best, so I was excited to have Shaned join our F.I.R.E. training this round and asked a few questions after  just 6 weeks.

Being and Exercise Physiologist you obviously know a lot about the body, rehabilitation and movement. What made you decide to enrol in HH’s FIRE program?

About 6 months ago I was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in the CMC joint in my thumb.  My surgeon recommended full joint replacement and cessation of all resistance training to give it a chance to recover.  This advice didn’t sit well with me so I decided to get my arm as strong and as biomechanically efficient as possible to reduce my risk of aggravation of my condition, to reduce pain levels, to improve posture and to increase function.  To achieve all of these things I knew I needed to be doing a structured program focussed on what I can do and not on what I can’t do. FIRE offers a safe environment to ensure progressive overload, good technique and to low injury risk.    Surgery may still be required in the long term but it is important to me that I get my body as strong and as biomechanically efficient as possible before I consider this option.

I also needed some accountability and I wanted to exercise as part of a supportive team with good quality supervision. Team work + coaching = results hey!!! I was finding that I was lacking consistency with my resistance training and needed to commit to a program that would help me improve my technique, improve my posture and reduce my risk of injury.  To be honest I find training on my own a little boring and knew that I would respond well to training in a group environment where it is all about getting out of your comfort zone, choosing the right attitude, progressively overloading your body and supporting your team members to do the same.   As an Exercise Physiologist and Health Coach I am acutely aware of the importance of getting help when you are making changes…..when working with clients to help them make positive lifestyle changes I aim to create a positive, supportive and inspiring environment to help them consistently take small steps to reach their health goals and improve their quality of life.  

What changes have you noticed so far?

Reduced hand pain !!!   By increasing my upper body strength and improving my shoulder joint posture I am certain that I have taken the load off my thumb joint and given it a chance to start healing.   Due to long term shoulder injuries there are certain exercises that I have been avoiding for years – with a bit of support and encouragement my confidence performing these exercises is gradually improving.   I am reminded of the importance of feeling ‘safe’ when you exercise and that as a trainer this enables clients to get out of their comfort zone and ‘be the best they can be’.  

What has been the most challenging aspect of the training? 

Not talking all the time …..still a work in progress!

I love a good challenge and love trying to improve myself surrounded by a group of like-minded people.  I suppose the most challenging aspect has been ‘letting go’ of the fear of re-injury – definitely progressing.

What is your goal for the end of this 12 week program?

My goal is to improve my posture and strength and enable me to continue to do the ‘fun’ things in life….surfing, kayaking, running, jumping, dancing, swimming. Not that doing FIRE isn’t heaps of fun!

I would also love to avoid the ‘knife’ and to keep my thumb pain at a manageable level.

What advice would you give to others who are contemplating FIRE?

Investing in your own health is one of the most beneficial things you can do.  Staying strong and functional enables you to increase your energy levels, improve your physical and mental health, avoid injury and chronic disease and enable you to keep living an energetic and happy life.   ‘Look after your body…..it’s the only place you have to live’ (said by someone sometime). Get out of your comfort zone, create a strong mind and body, have fun with a group of like-minded people and take one step closer to being the best you can be.


Journey to Molokai – No 1

So I asked “When did you first want to do the Molokai Surf Ski Marathon anyway?”

His reply “Since about 1989″ WT…?

So here we are, 26 years later planning the race of a lifetime – a 52 km race across the Kaiwi Channel from Molokai to Oahu.

blog 1

Stubbsy (in the yellow vest) at the recent Freycinet Challenge.

Anyone remember the movie “City Slickers” when the wifey tells her husband Mitch Robbins (Billy Crystal) to go on a cattle drive and “go and find your smile.” Great movie!  It was much the same for us when about six months ago I said to Stubbsy “you need a goal. You need something to work towards. What is it YOU want to do? Find a goal and make it happen…”

True story, I know what you’re thinking…I am an amazing wife!

So it was with this the Molokai flame has been re-ignited. It is early stages in the planning process but together we are working on periodising the training and nutrition for the next 8 months. This will guarantee when Stubbsy gets to race day the 4-5hour paddle in god knows what conditions he will leave nothing to chance.

There is something extremely empowering when a bucket list item becomes a goal. Making that goal known to everyone is unnerving but all about accountability. That shouts out commitment!

At 45 years of age he’s racing well against those many years younger and has definitely got all that determination back.

blog 3

The fitness, the strength, the heat, the cramping, the mind games…the next 8 months will be fun!






Growing Vegies and Transformation Challenges!

blog -vegie patch

Since the start of Spring I have had an unbelievable urge to “re-start” my vegie patch. The vegie patch has always been a bit of a failure for me. When I’ve tried before life’s got in the way…the kids; the business;  I always felt too tired and too exhausted to add anything else to the already over flowing list. The intention was there but I never really wanted it “bad” enough to put in the effort. It wasn’t a priority.

Sound familiar?

When starting out with a body transformation everyone has great intentions.  And when I say body transformation I’m talking about it all – look, feel and function. A true body transformation improves EVERYTHING! Yep, that’s MP style for you!

But intentions are not enough, we know that. It takes planning, practice, support, time and energy to create change that is truly lifelong. It’s not something we can do for a week or 12 weeks, it has to be a new normal!

So I’m confident our vegie patch WILL work this time. I am sure of it. This is why:

  • The whole family is in on it, we are going to work together. We know this is really important, it has a priority (Have a support network, avoid the sabotages);
  • We want to enjoy the journey -watering, picking, talking about our little patch is important (Enjoy each step forward to improving your health);
  • We want to be able to reap the benefits; the end product is a goal but we’ve already seen some benefits along the way and picked lettuce, mint and coriander. We’ve talked, cooperated and laughed together.  (Hello new clothes, more compliments, tighter buns, new positive social networks and what about the other invisible benefits?);
  • We’ve started growing things we like to eat. (Ever tried started a diet that required you to eat or drink stuff that tasted like poo and left you feeling about as satisfied as a Mick Jagger);
  • We’ve started doing a little research on how to keep things thriving. (Not over doing it here as google is a little scary.  I am pleased to see gardening gurus are not as crazy as so called “health experts”);
  • We’ve made a plan-when? who? how much? (Yep just like you plan your next meal, your weeks meals);
  • We’re listening to our friends that know a thing or two about gardening. How do I know that? Well, they produce awesome crops, year after year, after year! (Listen to those that have unbelievable heath and maintain that not for a few weeks but always. Block out the noise!);
  • We’ve got the right tools for the job (hello kitchen make over!).

Where I went wrong in the past:

  • I made it all too hard to achieve results – the vegie patch was too far from the house. It was out of mind out of sight.
  • I wanted everyone else to do the work. I asked my Dad to set it up the last garden for God’s sake, where was the ownership in that?
  • I liked the idea of having a vegie patch – but seriously was I committed to getting results? No, I wasn’t. As soon as it got a bit hard I gave up and we were right back where we started…to the supermarket!
  • I over analysed and over planned and didn’t actually DO! God I read some awesome material about growing vegies – just forgot to take any action!


Ultimately having a vegie patch needs to become a new normal for us. For the time being we want to enjoy picking what we grow and to enjoy eating it. We will refine and get better as we go!

garden pic for blog

How’s you new normal going?

Take 5 with Dave Oulton

Spartan Race QLD September 2014

HH had the opportunity to Take 5 with Dave Oulton recently.  Dave served in the Gulf War (peacetime operations) and has completed numerous Ironman, marathons and gruelling 24 hour Obstacle races! The guy is possibly crazy but such an inspiration and straight shooter to those who of us who have the privilege to work with him. A level 4 Metabolic Precision Mentor, I’m sure you’ll agree Dave leads by example!

1- What’s your favourite exercise?

I don’t really have a favourite exercise. I usually decide on a goal and use the best exercises to compliment what I have to achieve. I just do what I have to do.

2- What has been your biggest fitness/health/sport challenge?

I have a few achievements under my belt now and more to come. Worlds Toughest Mudder- 24 hour obstacle race. Very cold, running in a 5 mil divers wetsuit. Completed 90km . My first Ironman in 2012 because I had never done any ocean swimming and then had to crack out 3.8km ocean swim. Endurance training is very black and white, if you finish you succeed, if you don’t, you fail. There is no short cuts just hard work.

3- What motivates you?

My two young boys. Kids are like sponges, they watch everything. As they are only 5 and 7, I control their lifestyle, their food, and their habits. I want them to have good habits and not be phased by anything, I want to be their role model. Too many people worry about failing and it stops them from progressing or stepping out of their comfort zone. I want them to feel like they can do anything they put their mind to. I want them to relate hard work with great achievements.

Trish (partner) is also a big factor in my motivation. She pushes me to work harder and be better. Her dedication is outstanding. It is also in my nature to push myself to do better and to be better. Being a personal trainer automatically makes you a role model. I can’t expect my clients to step outside my comfort zone if I don’t do this myself. I don’t have a weight loss story so I feel I have to create something different for people to thrive from. People seek inspiration from people.

4- What’s your best health/fitness tip?

Consistency, hard work and commitment. It’s not rocket science. There is no easy way to achieve permanent success in what ever you do. You either commit or you don’t. If you fully commit to something, you will succeed. As soon as your priorities change your progress will suffer. You can’t do 12 weeks of good nutrition and training and think that’s it. The leanest and fittest people always have their health, training and nutrition at the forefront o their lifestyle.

5- What’s your biggest achievement in health/fitness/sport?

I hold all of my achievements in the same regard because they have all played a role in my development and are stepping stones on to something bigger and better. In my eyes you can’t make a mistake you just learn valuable lessons. A big reason that I do events is I get to be around great athletes, just watching them prepare for race day, what they wear, their nutrition and their mannerisms you learn so much. It makes you instantly better.

Take 5 with Dr Paul Henning


Healthy Horizons was privileged to have the opportunity to Take 5 with Dr Paul Henning recently. Dr Henning is a Army officer and leading researcher in the Military Performance Division at the U.S. Army where he conducts research to enhance/sustain warfighter performance and prevent musculoskeletal injuries. He has completed two combat tours in Iraq. Paul has a bachelors degree in Physical Education, and a master’s and doctorate degree in Exercise Physiology. Paul presents and writes for numerous associations and is on the Advisory Board for Metabolic Precision.

Visit: www.paulhenningphd.com to find out more about Dr Paul Henning!

1. What’s your favourite exercise?

That’s hard to pinpoint just one exercise as there are so many great ones! I would say that currently my favorite is standing overhead barbell presses. I have been steadily getting stronger in this great upper body pinnacle exercise that engages multiple muscles and is great for the core too.

2. What has been your biggest fitness/health/sport challenge?

The challenges I faced along my journey were some minor injuries that occurred from my own doing. It’s funny how you look back and think “why did I do that” after the fact, but I guess we live and learn.

3. What motivates you?

I get motivated by a lot of different things! I have a voracious passion for exercise/nutrition/fitness and it’s been inside me for quite a long time now. You can say I’ve been “bitten by the fitness bug”. I have always had a desire to keep learning about this field and I can honestly say that I am still learning and applying. For me, this makes it so appealing and fulfilling. Another huge motivator is helping others and seeing them change their lives by following proper guidance. Metabolic Precision has laid out a system that can easily be delivered to people and it gets results!

4. What’s your best health/fitness tip?

I biggest tip would be to incorporate a complete, holistic approach to your fitness program. I see so many people get caught up in doing this exercise program or that exercise program and totally forget about what they are doing with their nutrition. It’s quite mind blowing when you learn about what they eat; then they wonder why they are not getting results.

5. What’s your biggest achievement in health/fitness/sport?

Completing my PhD in exercise physiology and shortly after being asked to be on the advisory board for Metabolic Precision. I currently work in a “dream job” as a research physiologist in the Military Performance Division in Natick, MA. I conduct applied research to enhance and sustain physical performance in our military personnel. I stay very current on all the latest research in this area so being able to utilize this and help those involved with Metabolic Precision has really been an incredible experience for me!

The 10 REAL Reasons You Should Lift Weights!

me-chins (2)

Moving you body weight is a great form of resistance exercise.

Resistance or weight training has been proven to get results. The benefits include: increased bone density; improved mobility, balance and posture;  increased lean body mass and decreased body fat; improved joint function and muscle, tendon and ligament strength; injury prevention; prevention and control of disease; kicks the metabolism right up the jacksy and blah, blah, blah…you’ve probably heard all that before. But I want to let you know about some reasons you may not have considered, or maybe you have? Here are the 10 REAL reasons you should lift!

1- It helps you sort your shit out!

Well, not literally although it certainly will get your motor running! Exercise in general is proven to lift your spirits, clear the mind and is the leading natural remedy to aid depression and anxiety – it should be the number one recommendation from doctors. Lifting weights is no different and because of the mindfulness of lifting I reckon it works even better. You’ll need to find yourself a great trainer to show you how to lift with purpose! Results have everything to do with “how” you lift, not “what” you lift. Once you know how you will never do another cardio session on the bike reading a book or walking on the treadie watching TV!

2-Your booty and boobies will get an instant lift!


Possibly inappropriate but you get the drift!

Who doesn’t want firm bits and less sag south? I guarantee with the correct exercises performed the right way you will have a nicely shaped booty – a cardio booty will still sag, but not a deadlift booty. You know how the saying goes…”strong is the new sexy!” And as far as boobs go, if you have really big ones and want to lose a bit (that is usually what I’m asked from women who are well endowed) weights usually helps pull back a few sizes. If you are like me and your kids sucked any you had away, then at least they can be perky!

And guys, I know you hate your man boobs. Get confident to take your top off this summer at the beach and developed some pecs by lifting!

3-You’ll stand tall in older age!

grant blog

A HH client who at age 60 years is reversing the ageing process.

We’ve all seen it. The little old man or woman who shrinks and hunches as they get older. The “hunching” of the spine (kyphosis)can be so intense that it inhibits movement and makes reaching to the top cupboard, driving or even sitting difficult. I went to a 90th birthday party recently and spent some time observing the posture in the room – it wasn’t good-and that’s not the 90 year old I’m talking about. But what if now you started working with a trainer who can teach you about scapula retraction and you start to reverse the effects. I’ve also seen what a 12 week FIRE (focussed, intense, resistance, exercise) program can do to reverse the process – yep, just 12 weeks-I have proof!

 4-People will stare at, or want to touch your biceps.


Tommy Hafey – AFL legend and avid weight lifter throughout his life.

Ever had that happen? No? Then go lift so you can get people admiring those guns and you too can wear tight t-shirts! Tommy Hafey was one of the best at it…he loved his weight sessions. And yes I did ask to touch his biceps once!

5-Your kids will want to have muscles “just like you!”

HH_Final1_HighRes_Print-21 (2)

Who doesn’t want to be a great role model for their kids. “I want to grow up to be just like you Dad…” Do your kids say this? Are you the very best role model you could be? At the risk of making Stubbo’s head swell, at present, in our children’s minds, he is the strongest man in the world and can fix anything – we don’t call him MacGyver for nothing!

6-It’s better than sex!

*note no picture to support text here!

Well, I guess that depends on your partner! But in terms of boosting your metabolism weight training wins hands down. Weight training builds lean muscle which has the biggest daily influence over your metabolism.

Paul Cribb, Metabolic Precision founder states; “Researchers from the University of Wisconsin have recently shown that one intense weight lifting work out boosted the metabolism for a whopping two days after the event.”

Sex burns around 144 calories per half hour and seriously that depends on if you move like Ricky Martin (mmmm picture that for a moment…)! But let’s face it, the average session is probably about 10 minutes (I know I’m exaggerating right?) that’s a measly 48 calories…bugger!

7-You get to make strange noises and pull the ugliest faces!

DSCN3705 (2)

Having a  go…

DSCN3706 (2)

Just saw a ghost!

For those of us who have given birth, when you are really having a go it can sound much the same pushing weights! Those memories you may want to forget but there is something pretty liberating about letting out guttural moans or mooing like a cow! If that’s not you, squeaks and silence is fine too…find your thing and make it work for you. Pulling the most ridiculous face is ok too. I mean there is no other place you can get away with looking so outrageous and it is totally normal.

8- You’ll be able to wave goodbye without the wiggly bits!

One of the things many woman tell me is they “hate” their arms and wish the bits underneath didn’t wiggle when they wave. Because of the extra wiggle, cardies are kept on; long sleeves are worn even when it is 40 degrees and waves become stifled, dare I say a little Queen like. Here’s the thing – lift weights, learn how to transform your body and your arms will follow!

9-As you get stronger on the outside you’ll become stronger from within.

I have had countless clients break down in tears during a weight training session. It’s raw, it’s often about confronting the things you are not good at; it’s intense but it is also life changing.  As you start to believe in yourself in the weight room you’ll take that belief into everything you do! You’ll stand up to bullies; do something that scares the be-Jesus out of you; you’ll love more and hate less.

10-You’ll be able to perform tasks not performed by the average human being!


Who doesn’t want to be the person everyone looks to, to perform super human feats. Like just recently when nobody else in the house (yes, including my hubby) could open the jam jar and I was able to do it. My kids looked at me with “super woman” written all over their face. You too can be Dwayne Johnson aka “The Rock” and save the day in your own movie!

Ok seriously  team, I love to lift weights.  It keeps me sane, healthy, injury free and as I age stronger than I ever thought I could be. Building lean muscle is the only natural way to reverse the ageing process. With the right trainer (look out for a Metabolic Precision Trainer minimum level 2), you’ll have the potential to transform your mind, body and soul. Go forth and lift!