Corporate Health & Fitness

“Thanks so much for last night….it went extremely well…and some of us are feeling it today …which is a good thing! We have people already buzzing around and talking about next week. ”
Sorell Council Health and Well-Being Committee

The Healthy Horizons team are experts in health and fitness and holds a range of qualifications and extensive experience that can benefit your work place. Let us assist you with Health and Wellness goals. We can offer a corporate program to suit the needs of your business.

Some of the benefits of Corporate Health, Fitness and Well Being Programs:

  • Improves employee physical health
  • Reduces Stress
  • Increases Team Unity
  • Greater Productivity
  • Greater Employee Retention
  • Increases Workplace Harmony and Collegiality
  • Improve Attitudes and Mental Health
  • Decreases Sickness and Improves Immunity
  • Improves Problem Solving

Our team of professionals can also offer a range and a series of workshops or workouts to suit your company’s needs. Topics of interest include:

  • Fat loss seminars – exercise and nutritional coaching
  • Metabolic Precision Corporate Challenge
  • Ergonomic Assessment and Training
  • Injury Management Programs
  • Preventative Health Screening and Assessment
  • Musculoskeletal and Functional Capacity Assessment
  • Supervised Exercise Therapy, Personal Training and Group Training Sessions
  • Occupational Rehabilitation and Return to Work Case Management (Worker’s compensation – MAIB, DVA, Comcare accreditied)

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Healthy Horizons is the only Tasmanian Fitness Professionals to deliver the Metabolic Precision Corporate Program.

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