Metabolic Precision

“The Metabolic Precision program initially caught my interest due to the claims that it was an easy to follow, lifelong approach to food and exercise requiring no calorie counting. I have previously followed other well known weight loss programs (several times) and my life has been consumed by counting points and completing cardio exercise every day (if not twice a day). I had success with these programs, however it was always short lived and I was exhausted, hungry and irritable.
Metabolic Precision has truly changed my life for the better. I now consume far more food than I have following any other program. My meals are varied and delicious and my body is relishing being well nourished. I don’t feel restricted or deprived, my skin has improved, I’ve lost weight and my energy has increased dramatically. In terms of exercise, I have embraced resistance training and reaped the rewards. I now have muscle definition that I have never had previously. I am able to complete pushups from my toes (something I have never been able to do) and my chronic shoulder pain has disappeared. I am spending less time at the gym but I now look forward to my workouts, which are much more varied.
Whilst I’ve experienced fabulous physical changes as a result of MP, it has also had a positive influence on many other aspects of my life. I have more energy to enjoy my spare time, I have met some amazing new friends and I’m a happier and more positive person overall – I now feel like I can take on the world! I couldn’t recommend Metabolic Precision with the brilliant Healthy Horizons team highly enough.”

Megan Taylor

Healthy Horizons are proud to be the first and currently only, trained fitness professionals to offer ‘Metabolic Precision’ in Tasmania.

Want to exercise for a handful or hours and week, eat heaps of yummy, nutritious food and get in the best shape of your life? Then Metabolic Precision is the answer.

Do you want to make a serious change to your body shape? Do you want to be the healthiest you can be? Do you want to have more energy, strength and fitness? Do you want your metabolism working precisely? Do you want a body you can be proud of and keep it? You have come to the right people! We are expert trainers in Metabolic Precision.

Metabolic Precision is a revolutionary body transformation system that has been designed by Dr Paul Cribb with over 20 years of research, experience, formal education and training. Metabolic Precision is the first ever science-based approach to Body Transformation with a complete holistic approach and research-proven knowledge to exercise and nutrition. Metabolic Precision’s integrated approach creates a process that constructs the right metabolic environment required for dramatic, permanent changes in health, performance and body shape.

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In May 2013 our first group started there Metabolic Precision journey. The results for these participants have been truly amazing!

MP Corporate Program

Healthy Horizons is the only qualified fitness centre in Tasmania to deliver Metabolic Precision to your workplace.

Weight-related poor health cost Australian Businesses over 56 Billion dollars last year.

Would you like to dramatically reduce sick days, missed days, extended time off & work-related injuries? Increase productivity and performance?

Finally, there’s one program that will improve health, performance & body shape!

The Metabolic Precision Corporate Program:

  • Structured & delivered by an expert;
  • Straightforward approach easily incorporated into a busy lifestyle;
  • Science-based, research-proven;
  • Can be tailored to suit your budget.

First-ever truly holistic corporate service available;

How the MP Corporate Program works

Where as the Metabolic Precision System is uniquely designed for the individual, the MP Corporate Program is the only way the Metabolic Precision System can be delivered effectively to groups of people. The MP Corporate Program can be implemented with any number of people from 3 to 300, efficiently and effectively.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn:

  • A simple approach to exercise that gets results in less than 3% of the week;
  • No nonsense nutrition that improves health, fitness and body shape;
  • Without counting calories or following a diet;
  • Red wine, chocolate and coffee should be a part of a healthy plan;
  • Over 100 delicious 10-minute meals that improve health and speed fat loss;
  • How to develop a plan to suit your individual needs in every way;
  • The knowledge, tools and life-skills – solutions for any situation;
  • A fun, unique experience that achieves life-changing, permanent results.

Once the MP Gold Edition manuals have been distributed to you, your Healthy Horizon’s certified Metabolic Precision Provider can deliver the program over a time frame to suit your needs.

They can also structure and supervise exercise programs that promote fitness, fat loss and team adhesion. To ensure a complete transformation, body composition and lifestyle assessments are also completed before and after the program.

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