Personal Training

“I really enjoyed PT at Healthy Horizons and it’s now become a lifelong habit. I’ve become stronger and healthier and my long term shoulder injury no longer causes me any grief. I have a new love of resistance training and have found that I have lost my fear of lifting weights – I continually surprise myself what I can do. Knowing that someone has that extra interest in what I do at the gym (and at home) the rest of the time is also really motivating.”
Jane Melross

So what is Personal training?

Personal Training essentially is working with individuals or groups to achieve goals that may relate to a number of various outcomes such as physical performance for sporting competitors, body composition – fat/muscle ratio and assist in rehabilitation and management of health. With Personal Training an individual can gain knowledge, fitness and expert advice to start working towards the outcomes they desire. Personal training can only be offered by a fitness professional holding a minimum Certificate 4 in Fitness and is a member of a registry body such as Fitness Australia. Registration and Licensing requirements ensure continual education and training by Personal Trainers to encourage and ensure best practices.

Personal Training at Healthy Horizons:

At Healthy Horizons we have Personal Trainers with a range of qualifications and expertise that exceed the minimum standards! Our Personal trainers are the best in the industry and that’s how we get results! Check out our Staff page to see the additional qualifications of our fitness professionals. Healthy Horizons offers the optimum environment for Personal Training with our Cardio and Weight Area, Group Fitness space and Outdoor Area. At Healthy Horizons we offer fitness consultations, body composition, girth measurements and cardio and strength tests. During your Personal Training session you will be continually assessed and monitored and importantly encouraged, supported and motivated to achieve results!

Individual Personal Training rates (members only; *from Jan 1st 2014):

  • 1 hour $99
  • 45 mins. $79
  • 30 mins. $59

Group Personal Training

Group Personal Training has been a great success at Healthy Horizons. Couples, families and friends have taken up the challenge of improving health and fitness together! It is great to work with a friend or with a partner to keep motivated and focused. Please contact reception for availability and rates.