Weights and Cardio Equipment

“With such a full on training program that I must up hold even when I return home to Dodges Ferry I can’t think of a better place to train than HH. It’s has everything I need and more! The environment is great and the people involved are even better. Get around Healthy Horizons just as I have and it will impress!”
Jeremy Howe – Melbourne Football Cub

The cardio and weight area is fully equipped and ready for you to enjoy your own personal work out. Our qualified fitness professionals can assist you with all of our equipment and can show you exactly how to set up, use and finish with the equipment.

Whether you want to squat, pull up, press, push, lunge, pull down, run, row, krank or ride we’ve got it all covered in our gym.

We also offer a personal training session and program designed especially for you and tailored to the equipment we offer, check out our Personal training. We have a range of equipment for more traditional training methods but also TRXs, Rips, BOSUs, slosh balls, aqua bags, VIPRS, fit balls, bands, air cushions to focus on more functional training methods.

We have the highest standards of hygiene at Healthy Horizons and offer large change rooms for both men and women, along with shower and disability facilities.