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Our Philosophy


‘Unity’ or ‘oneness’, derived from the Sanskrit word yuj, meaning ‘to join’.

We are here to join every body, every mind, every being. Yoga is the science of right living. We know that every individual on this planet deserves to live right. Sometimes we just need a safe space to align, balance and harmonise in order to further expand our HoriZEN. We are here to lift your vibration and to transmit our high vibes to lift those around us.

We are here for the community and beyond.

We are here for you.

Our Story

Co-founder of Healthy Horizons, Christine Gaby had dabbled with yoga over the years but it wasn’t until she went away for a holiday a few years back, where she was greeted with torrential rain each day, that she truly embraced yoga as an essential part of her wellness. The heated yoga studio that was adjacent to where she was staying became part of a daily routine. And on the 7th day, when she walked out feeling unbelievable, she said to her hubby “I want this for my community. I want everyone to FEEL this good!” And so the HoriZEN story was born.

The Studio

“The energy we put out is either polluting the planet or healing it”. – The Maha Rishi effect.

Our community sanctuary HoriZEN is located in the coastal town of Dodges Ferry, Tasmania. The studio embodies the openness, light, fresh and humbling nature of the environment it lives in.

Not just 4 walls…

Jamie Stubbs, co-founder and project manager of HoriZEN, has made sure every detail in the studio has been planned and executed with precision and care. Mood lighting and natural light, soft and durable flooring, high quality ceiling speakers, state of the art infrared heating and air purifying system, storage, outlook and even the entrance are all part of a greater experience. Everyone who walks through our HoriZEN entrance will feel the difference. (The door – well that’s a story in itself – we’ll let you discover that for yourself).

The studio is equipped with high quality blocks, straps, bolsters and mats to support you in your practise.

*Usage of your personal mat and props is welcomed.

YUJ (to join)

“Health is the greatest gift, contentment is the greatest wealth.” – Buddha

HoriZEN Membership

Join us for UNLIMITED classes every week. We welcome you with a free consultation on your health and wellness goals. As a HoriZEN member you will receive 25% off HoriZEN retreats and workshops.

Self Investment: $34 Per Week

HHH Membership

Triple H is your ultimate health and wellbeing membership. Combining all offerings of Healthy Horizons Fitness and HoriZEN, this membership covers all aspects of your being. A complete gym membership ADDED to your HoriZEN membership!

Self Investment: $40 Per Week

Are you after something a little more casual?

Single Class Visit: $22 Per Week